We have developed a simple invoicing and estimate program for those who are not quite “computer savvy”. Many entrepreneurs need a quick, simple and inexpensive means to develop invoices and keep track of their business contacts and transactions. Most of the programs available have much more than they will ever need; not to mention the cost.

InvoQuote© is a simple quick and easy invoicing system [download flyer] designed for the entrepreneur who does small business projects from his or her home (i.e., graphic arts, carpentry, painting, sewing, baby-sitting, housecleaning, etc.). This is a simple way to manage and keep track of the services that you provide as well as your customers. Now, there’s no need to buy expensive programs that have more than what you need. This

software is ideal for those who are less than “computer savvy”. Much of what you need is automated. Simply enter your customer information, services, costs and a job summary (for quotes), and you’re done. There’s even an Activities module for you to keep tabs on your appointments.

InvoQuote© does not have all the bells and whistles that bulky software packages have, but it has the muscle where it counts — in its’ direct and simple processing that can give you accurate invoices and/or quotes in the blink of an eye – without having to study tons of documentation. In fact, after using it a couple of times, you probably will never have to take a second look at the instructions.

The Windows Version is currently available [download here]. InvoQuote© sells for $29.95 and can be downloaded here.